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I actually grew up in Arizona, down in southern Arizona in a little town called Douglas down on the Mexican border south of here where we’re at in Tucson. I got my undergraduate degree at Arizona State, I went to law school at St. Mary’s University which is in San Antonio Texas and then eventually started my legal career in Phoenix. After a few years there I ended up down here in Tucson at the Pima County Public Defenders Office and after spending a couple of years there I moved down to Mexico to get my Spanish down. So I spent six months there and started my firm.

Zanes Law is primarily a personal injury law firm. I started it in 2003 in Tucson. We have two offices here in Tucson, we have one office in Phoenix which we expanded into probably two years ago. It’s interesting because Tucson and Phoenix are completely different when it comes to, certainly, places to build a business. My wife and I have lived in Tucson for the last 20 years, we raised our girls here, it’s been a great place to be. It’s a great community and we’ve built a great community here. As we’ve expanded into Phoenix, in the last year we’ve actually lived in Phoenix 90 percent of the time. And they’re much different cities, Phoenix is much bigger, it has much less of a community feel to it but it also has a lot of things to do. It’s a big city with lots of stuff going on and we still sort of go back and forth between Tucson and Phoenix and so again it’s just maybe I guess that’s one of the things that’s made me fortunate, is having the benefit of two different worlds to a certain degree. Two different challenges. Building a business in Phoenix has been a much different experience than building it here in Tucson. I mean Tucson we built this place base off of community, community service, being active in our community was a huge part of what we built over a long period of time in Tucson. In Phoenix it’s been more marketing driven than Tucson was, certainly in the early days. But I mean Arizona’s great, I’d much rather be here than someplace where it’s freezing, it’s snowing. The sun’s out, it’s the middle of winter. You can’t beat it. And, certainly, Arizona’s been fantastic to me, my family, the people. Both in Tucson and Phoenix, the clients we’ve represented have been fantastic, the friends we’ve made have been fantastic. I couldn’t think of a better place to work and live than in Arizona.

Community has been a huge part of our firm and quite honestly a part of building our firm. The reason we started doing it is just because community involvement was just a hugely important and personal thing to myself and my wife Claudia who has been involved in the firm for a number of years. That was important to us and so really what we did was forced it to be important to everybody who worked for us. And so over the years we’ve done everything from, we’ve generally approached community involvement on a quarterly standpoint. So every quarter the firm does some sort of community involvement as a firm. Every year we do our teacher’s school supply giveaway which I think in this next year, 2017, will be on its seventh year I believe. And so we’ve done that for years, we continue to do it, it’s a huge part of our firm culture, what we want to do. It’s just been amazing. It’s been a fantastic piece of what we’ve done and our goal is to do as much of it as we possibly can each year and kind of balance that with work and who we have and the community service things that interest them but yeah it’s been phenomenal.

When you need to hire an attorney, who do you hire, how do you take care of whatever your legal needs are? Because the landscape has certainly changed over the years and continues to change with technology and especially as lawyers become more and more expensive. And I think, I honestly believe, over the next 20 years within the legal profession there are going to be a lot of changes because in a lot of circumstances lawyers have priced themselves out of the market. When you say to somebody, “I’m happy to help you out on your divorce but you have to pay me $5,000, you have to pay me $10,000” not everybody has that. And so then what happens to those people who need the help? Whether it’s self-service kind of through an automated process, your website or document preparer. There are lots of changes that are going on. I certainly think one, if you’re a consumer, you really ought to put in the time and the effort into evaluating what your situation is and what the right fix is. If you hire an attorney, who the right attorney for you is. What I can tell you is, because we run the firm like a business and we’re big, we have no problems financing cases. The money is there to hire the experts we need. The money is there to litigate the cases that we need. I can’t say that, if you want to know the truth, about all small practitioners. Again, it just depends on how they run their practice. So research the attorneys out there. Find the right attorney. You may find that you can accomplish what you want to accomplish, for example, by using LegalZoom. I used LegalZoom to do a lease two weeks ago to get the basic framework of the lease, put it together, on a building that we were putting a tenant in. So attorneys can sometimes be too expensive for what you need. But I don’t know that your normal individuals know that there are so many different options out there. If they do some research, go out on Google, research what you’re looking for, what you need, you may find out that you can accomplish what you want without even hiring an attorney. And then if you need an attorney you really oughta put a lot of effort into finding the right attorney.

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